Parents are requested to pay the fees as per the academic planner without fail to avoid fines & penalties. Tentative fee payment plan is as follows:

Fee Payment Date



By Jyestha 5, 2080 (Tuesday, 20th May, 2023)

First Quarter Fee

By Shrawan 05, 2080 (Sunday, 21nd July, 2023)

Second Quarter Fee

By Kartik 03, 2080 (Friday, 20nd October, 2023)

Third Quarter Fee

By Magh 05, 2080 (Wednesday, 19th January, 2024)

Fourth Quarter Fee






Payment Modes

Bank DepositeSewaKhalti
Account holder name : Akshar Vidya Mandir Janakpur Pvt. Ltd.
Prabhu Bank: 3517087814700068
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